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Hot Air Balloon Flight Instruments



  • Battery Level
  • Elapsed Time
  • Altitude
  • Vertical Speed
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Envelope Temperature
  • Ground Speed (from internal GPS)
  • Heading (from internal GPS)

The DigitTool is an FAA approved temperature monitor for hot air balloons. It is a replacement for your Ball instruments, or FlyTec instruments. The DigiTool temperature sensor mounts on the same kind of mount that the FlyTec used, so if your balloon is FlyTec ready, it is also DigiTool Ready.

The DigitTool unit has all the same readings as the FlyTec, Ambient Temperature, Envelope Temperature, Altitude, Vertical Speed. In addition to these, it also has a GPS, and it shows you speed and heading.

The really cool feature is that the temperature data can be downloaded. See below for some Google Earth screen shots with temperature displayed on the flight tracks.

May 18, 2018 AM
Post Mills, VT
EBAA - Experimental Balloon & Airship Association

May 18, 2018 PM
Post Mills, VT
EBAA - Experimental Balloon & Airship Association

ColorTemp Range
Gray 000 - 100°F
Blue 100 - 150°F
Green 150 - 200°F
Yellow 200 - 225°F
Orange 225 - 250°F
Red 250 - 275°F
White 275 - 300°F

Icons showing temp
Color represents temperature

DBI Log File Format

Source: DBI3_V01_LogfileFormat_2018_03_18
Start Record
SN=SN11005 FWVER=1.2 DATE=2018-02-13 TIME=20:34:00
Tag Description Data Format Example
SN Serial Number SNnnnnn SN=SN11005
FWVER Firmware Version major.minor FWVER=1.2
DATE Log File Start Date yyyy-mm-dd DATE=2018-02-13
TIME Log File Start Time hh:mm:ss TIME=20:34:00
Data Records
ALT=23.7 BAR=1013.0 ROC=0.0 TOPTS=1 TOPT=24.0 AMBT=25.0 GPSS=0 SOG=0.8 COG=270.0 LONG=1802.7642E LAT=5922.6567N BATM=4.5 BRDT=26.6
Tag Description Data Format Example
ALT Altitude Meters ALT=23.7
BAR Barometric Setting hecto Pascal BAR=1013.0
ROC Rate of Climb Meters per Second ROC=0.0
TOPTS Top Temp Status 0 = no signal 1 = link OK TOPTS=1
TOPT Top Temperature Centigrade TOPT=24.0
AMBT Ambient Temperature Centigrade AMBT=25.0
GPSS GPS Status 0 = GPS Valid 1 = GPS Not Valid GPSS=0
SOG Speed over Ground Meters per Second SOG=0.8
COG Course Over Ground Degrees (0-360) COG=270.0
LONG Longitude ddmm.mmmmi (i = E or W) LONG=1802.7642E
LAT Latitude ddmm.mmmmi (i = N or S) LAT=5922.6567N
BATM Battery Voltage Volts BATM=4.5
BRDT Board Temperature Centigrade BRDT=26.6
End Record
DATE=2018-02-14 TIME=11:01:00
Tag Description Data Format Example
DATE Log File Stop Date yyyy-mm-dd DATE=2018-02-14
TIME Log File Stop Time hh:mm:ss TIME=11:01:00

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